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  • If you are selling on behalf of someone else please ensure you have the permission of the item’s owner; by placing the advert yourself you accept responsibility for the sale of the item.

  • Disputes – We hope your buying or selling experience on Sell My Bow is positive but we understand that sometimes things don’t go to plan. If you have a dispute with a member we ask that you try to come to an amicable agreement first, however if one can’t be reached we will do our best to help find a resolution - If you do need our help contact us here

  • Prohibited items - Sell My Bow is an online marketplace for everything archery, but due to restrictions on certain items we have decided to prohibit the sale of the following items; Crossbows, Firearms, Airguns, Blades (other than workshop tools) and Martial Art weaponry. Listing a prohibited item will result in the advert being removed, your fee may not be refunded and repeated abuse may result in your membership being removed.
    Please see the prohibited items section for a complete list of restricted content.

  • No Abuse or Unsolicited Advice - Everyone has the right to use the Sell My Bow marketplace safely, any member who is reported as being abusive, discriminatory or sharing inappropriate material will have their membership deactivated and any listed items removed without a refund.

  • Picture limits - You can upload a maximum of 7 photos per listing, images need to be less than 8MB in size (with a 50MB limit in total) and must clearly represent and identify the item you are selling.

  • Listing Amendments – You are not permitted to change the fundamental specifications of your listing in order to create a new advert (for example changing the details of your advert to sell a different item). Attempts to contravene these rules will result in the amendments being rejected and any member who attempts to defraud Sell My Bow by regenerating their listing will have their membership removed.

  • The Lost/ Stolen and Found page is a free service with the sole purpose of reuniting archery kit with its owners – anyone found posting equipment or services for sale will have their membership removed.

  • Listings must only show a single price, an advert that lists multiple prices is against the rules e.g. Complete bow set-up with bow £400, arrows £100 and accessories £100. A listing like this would require three separate adverts, you may list any accessories included in the sale but they must not have separate prices. Listings that break these rules will be removed and members who repeat this behaviour will have their membership deactivated.

Prohibited Items

Sell My Bow is for the sale of pre-owned archery equipment; that is items that are new or used but cannot be sold at full price. We reserve the right to remove any listings which we determine are unrelated to archery equipment or the maintenance or use thereof. Content including listings, notices and messages which contravene the following rules will be removed, your membership deactivated and any fees paid not refunded.

This list is not exhaustive and we may at our sole discretion remove any items or uploads which we deem are prohibited without giving any notice or reason for their removal to you.

  • Crossbows including parts and accessories

  • Firearms of any kind including replicas

  • Airguns of any kind including Airsoft

  • Stolen items and counterfeit/ unauthorised copies

  • Illegal and offensive material

  • External links and adverts for services or advice

  • Blades (other than workshop tools)

  • Martial Art equipment

  • Items which are considered dangerous for use due to their condition (e.g. cracked limbs and broken arrows)