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Seller Questions

Q: Do I need to be a member of an archery club or governing body to sell archery equipment?

A: Archery equipment is not licensed in the UK; anyone of any age can buy and own a bow, though it is illegal to sell a crossbow to someone under the age of 18 years. Therefore we have made the decision to prohibit the sale of crossbows in this marketplace.

Sell My Bow supports the many communities of recreational and competitive archers around the world; whether they shoot alone or as part of a club or team. Though we would always recommend checking your national and local laws for any restrictions or permits that may be required before you become an active member of this marketplace.

Q: Why can't I sell a crossbow on Sell My Bow?

A: Crossbows have a complicated legal status; in some countries such as the USA they are not subject to any specific regulation, but in many other nations crossbow laws differ widely. Each country has its own definition of a crossbow and many enforce minimum legal ages for possession or sales. As an international marketplace we'd be unable to fulfill the requirements needed to ensure safe and legal purchasing worldwide, therefore we have chosen to prohibit crossbows from the Sell My Bow marketplace.

Q: How do I list an item for the first time?

A: Once you have registered yourself as a member of Sell My Bow, all you need to do is log in at the top right hand corner of the homepage, this will then take you into your account. Select 'Add Listing' and complete the form, remembering to fill in all required fields, then click 'upload'.

You will need to activate and pay for your listing before it appears on the marketplace, you can do this each time you create a listing or if you have several items to sell you can make a single payment after you've created all your adverts. Simply click 'List Item' on each listing then when you're ready to add your item to the marketplace click 'List Items and Pay' at the top of the page, your listing(s) will appear on the Sell My Bow marketplace once your payment has been processed.

Q: How do I pay for my listing?

A: Sell My Bow is registered in the UK so all listing fees are charged in British Pounds, but don't worry your bank will automatically convert any payments into your local currency once they have been processed. 

Sell My Bow uses Stripe to process payments; this is an alternative payment system to Paypal therefore it does not support Paypal payments. The good news is that Stripe is trusted worldwide and offers the same level of security and protection as Paypal so you can be sure that any payments you make are safe and reliable.

Stripe supports card payments from Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Diners, China UnionPay (CUP), Japan Credit Bureau (JCB), Cartes Bancaires and Interac. Stripe can also process payments in over 135 currencies so wherever you are in the world you can list your archery kit on Sell My Bow.

The Stripe payment system is quick and simple to use and it does not require you to make an account first, once you have clicked through to the payment system simply fill out your card details and click 'Submit'. Your listing will appear on the marketplace as soon as your payment has been processed.

Q: Should I choose a featured listing?

A: Sell My Bow offers our members the option to upgrade to a featured listing; for only £2 more your item will appear at the top of the marketplace search results and on the homepage. This ensures your listing gets maximum exposure and improves your chances of a quick sale when you're selling something really special.

You can always choose to upgrade your item at a later date by going to into the 'My Listings' section of your account, click 'Upgrade Item' on a current listing, then once you've chosen the listings you'd like to upgrade click 'Upgrade Items and Pay' at the top of the page - this will take you straight through to the payment system. Your items will appear at the top of the marketplace listings once your payment is processed.

Q: What details should I include in my listing?

A: Sell My Bow recommends you include the Manufacturer, the product’s name and product type in the title of the listing, for example:

Axcel Achieve XP UHM compound sight.

In the description list as much information as you can about the item’s colour, size, any accessories you’re including and any postage information, for example:

Axcel Achieve XP UHM sight, black with 6" carbon extension bar.

Comes with carry case, instructions, allen keys and extra sight tapes.

This sight was my spare from last year so has had very little use and is in excellent condition.

£300 includes UK postage.

Insurance and international postage extra, please ask for a price.

Please remember to include as many photos of your item as possible (you can upload up to 7 images) - include complete shots and close ups, as well as every accessory included in the sale price.

Please list items correctly and truthfully – this is just as much for your protection as it is for the buyers, nobody wants to be involved in a dispute. So list any damage or imperfections; buyers won’t necessarily be put off by a less than perfect item, just make sure your asking price reflects what you are selling.

Q: How much should I sell my items for?

A: Have a look at the rest of the archery market to see what similar products sell for and keep in mind the condition and age of your item; because archery equipment is so varied in cost and demand it usually comes down to what someone is willing to pay for it. Items that are reasonably priced tend to sell quicker, so if you’re in hurry to sell you may want to price your item accordingly.

Q: What type of photographs should I use? Are manufacturer images best?

A: Sell My Bow always recommends using you own images of the item; this gives buyers a better idea of what you’re selling and reassures them your item is genuine. Companies can place restrictions and permissions on their product images which can make it difficult for us to share and promote your listing on social media. If you cannot provide your own images for your listing, please make sure you have permission to use someone else’s before uploading them, for further information please see our Terms and Conditions.

You can upload up to 7 photos of your item, when taking images we'd advise that the first photo in your listing should provide a complete overview of your item, with the item taking up most of the frame. Remember to photograph against an uncluttered background so it doesn't detract from your item. For additional photos, choose different angles and use your cameras macro setting to show close up details. If there is damage or flaws, make sure to include these in at least one photo. 

Q: Why can’t I create a listing?

A: Please check that you have completed all required fields on the new listing form, you'll need to add the following:

  • Title
  • Category
  • Sub-category
  • Discipline
  • Handedness
  • Condition
  • Price 
  • and Description

Please also remember to add at least one photo of your item if you have one, as this can really help grab buyers attention. Then simply click 'Save' at the bottom of the form. You can activate and pay for your listings in one go in the 'My Listings' section of your account and your item(s) will appear on the marketplace within minutes of payment,

If you are still having problems creating a listing or your item doesn't appear on the marketplace after payment has been made, please get in touch with us here.

Q: Why can’t I upload my photographs?

A: Sell My Bow accepts a wide variety of image formats, but if you're having difficulty uploading your images please make sure they are saved as either a: JPG/ JPEG, PNG or GIF (animated GIF's are not supported). Please note if you are uploading images directly from a mobile device they should automatically be converted into a supported format once they're added to the website.

Each image needs to be under 8MB in size (with a 50MB total limit) before being uploaded to Sell My Bow, if you want to check the size of your image click on its ‘Properties’. To reduce the size of your photo simply open your image and click ‘resize’. Select a format under 8MB and save the photo before uploading it again. 

Q: How does postage/ shipping work?

A: Sellers generally pass on the cost of postage to the buyer, though if you list you item as collection-only this can encourage more local interest, particularly if you plan to attend a large tournament where a lot of the archery community will be gathered.

If you prefer to post your item you can choose to offer domestic shipping only; and so limit buyers to your own country or you can include international shipping as well. If you do chose to offer international shipping make sure you familiarise yourself with the postal services available to you; their estimated costs for your item’s size and weight, any insurance they offer and any customs forms that may be required.

When shipping high value items Sell My Bow always recommends taking out postal insurance to cover the full cost of the item, you should also request proof of delivery (or tracking) and proof of receipt.

Remember to list your postage preferences in your items description.

Q: How many listings can I have?

A: You can have as many listings as you want, as long as each listing has a single sale price - this is important as it protects the marketplace from abuse. Buyers would find it almost impossible to navigate the many items available to them if each listing were not categorised and if keywords were not used in titles. It is features such as these which stop your listing from getting lost in a long newsfeed like on Facebook.

Complete bow set-up; including bow, arrows and accessories - £600

An advert that lists multiple prices or offers items separately is against the rules e.g.

Complete bow set-up with bow £400, arrows £100 and accessories £100

A listing like this would require three separate adverts.

Listings that break these rules will be removed and members who repeat this behaviour will have their membership deactivated.

Q: I have more than one identical item to sell (e.g. I have 20 1oz stabiliser weights) and I’d like to sell them individually. Do I have to create a new listing for each one or can I just let buyers know I have more than one available?

A: Although Sell My Bow does not allow members to advertise multiple prices in one listing, we recognise that some items are available in multiple quantities and members may want to allow buyers to choose how many they buy.

So we have created a Multi-listing feature that allows you to set the number of items in your listing – multi-listing fees are half price so you can make a saving by listing your bulk items together. You can list up to 10 identical items in a single listing and each time you sell an item you will earn a seller’s star so remember to update each of your sales.

Mybo 1 oz Stabiliser Weights - £2 each – 10 Available

Set of three Easton X23 Shafts - £15 – 4 Available

Remember if you are selling arrows as a complete set you do not need to use this feature.

Half a dozen Easton X10 Shafts - £100 – 6 available

Q: I have multiple listings to create for different items, do I have to pay for each one individually or can I make one payment at the end for all my listings?

A: If you have more than one item to sell simply create a listing for each one; your adverts will be saved in the 'My Listings' section of your account. Choose the listings you'd like to add to the marketplace by clicking 'List Item', once you've selected all your items click 'List Items and Pay' at the top of the page - this will take you straight through to the payment system. Your listings will appear on the marketplace once your payment has been processed.

You can also choose to make any or all of your current items featured listings (if you haven't already done so) by clicking 'Upgrade Item'. Once you've chosen the listings you'd like to upgrade, click 'Upgrade Items and Pay' at the top of the page - this will take you straight through to the payment system. Your items will appear at the top of the marketplace listings once your payment has been processed.

Please be aware that the payment system can process a maximum of 10 listings at a time, if you have more than 10 items you'd like to activate you will need to do this in a separate transaction.

Q. I’ve made a mistake on my listing but it’s already gone live, can I amend it?

Sell My Bow allows you to edit your listing after it's been activated; you can change your item's price, the category/ subcategory it appears in as well as it's discipline and handedness quickly and easily. Changing the title of your listing, the description or any images will require approval from Sell My Bow. Just go to 'My Listings' click 'Edit' on the listing you want to change and make any adjustments, then click 'Save Changes'. Approved changes can take up to 24 hours; you'll be notified by email whether your request has been successful. 

Remember to follow Sell My Bow’s rules when making any amendments; any changes that contravene these rules will result in your request being denied.

Unfortunately you cannot increase the number of items in your listing once it has gone live, if you have more items to sell please create another listing.

Q: How long will my item be advertised for?

A: Individual member listings are active for 12 months or until you choose to remove them from the marketplace. Once you have marked your item as sold it will appear for 1 week to show buyers it’s no longer available.

Q: How to I promote my listing and gain buyers interest?

Sell My Bow is designed to be a conduit between sellers and buyers; we want you to reach as many buyers as possible without the usual limitations social media can place on our sport. Adding your kit to the marketplace allows you to advertise it once but promote it endlessly; by using the 'Share' button you can share any listing direct to Facebook and Twitter or you can use the 'Copy Link' to share your item to your local archery club's pages or any other online platform you can think of to attract sellers. You'll never need to repeatedly write out your adverts and endlessly upload photos again - now you can list your kit in one place but advertise it everywhere.

Q: How will a buyer contact me?

A: Buyers message sellers through Sell My Bow's internal messaging system, these communications appear in your message centre and are also forwarded on to your registered email address. The buyer won’t see your email address until you decide to reply. To respond to buyers either click the 'Reply' button on the message in your Sell My Bow account or simply reply to the email you received, you can then choose whether to give out other contact information (for example. your phone number) to the buyer.

We would recommend that you regularly login into your Sell My Bow account while you have active listings to check for any messages, just in case they have been incorrectly filtered as spam by your email provider.

Q: Why haven’t my messages come through to my email?

A: When a potential buyer sends you a message about your item you’ll be able to see it in the ‘My Messages’ tab when you’re logged into your account.

All your messages will be automatically forwarded to your email address; if you can see messages on your profile but haven’t received them through your registered email address, please check your email address is listed correctly and then check your junk/spam folder to make sure that Sell My Bow is on your safe senders list.

Q: How does a buyer pay me for the item?

A: At Sell My Bow we do not sell any archery equipment ourselves, so you are in complete control of all sales and delivery charges. It's entirely up to you how you would like to be paid for your item, we would always recommend that you use PayPal or a similar service to receive payments; as it protects both parties just in case something goes wrong. For this reason we don't recommend using Paypal's 'Friends & Family' option as it offers much less protection against possible fraudulent sales. 

If you are meeting up in person, make sure you do so in a public place such as at your local archery club or at a tournament. Please ensure that any electronic payments have been successfully transferred to you account first or that you have received cash from the buyer before you hand over the item.

Q: Do you charge commission on each item sold?

A: Sell My Bow does not charge any commission – sales are entirely negotiated between sellers and buyers, so all the proceeds from the sale are yours.

We always recommend using a service like PayPal in order to protect both parties – please note that PayPal and similar payment services do often take a commission for payment transactions.

Q: I have successfully sold my item, what do I do with my listing?

A: We encourage our members to mark their items as sold as soon as payment is completed. Every time you sell an item you’ll collect a star, which will appear in your seller’s profile. These star ratings show buyers who are the most successful and popular sellers in the Sell My Bow community and so encourage further sales. Once you have marked your item as sold it will appear for 1 week to show buyers it’s no longer available.

Q: I have had lots of views on my item but no enquiries yet, what can I do?

A: If you've not had any enquiries on your item, but your members account shows that it’s been viewed a lot, there are a few things you can do to increase interest:

  1. Consider upgrading to a ‘Featured Listing’ – Your listing will feature on our homepage and will be placed at the top of the marketplace listings, guaranteeing maximum exposure.
  2. Consider reducing the price – your listing will automatically be highlighted as 'Reduced' in the marketplace.
  3. Make sure you have plenty of photos of your item, include different angles and close up images of anything of note.
  4. Include as much information as you can in the description of your item; include sizes, colour (if applicable), RRP if the item is heavily discounted and list any components included in the sale price etc.
  5. Remember to write a detailed and descriptive title to grab buyers attention.


Q: How do I know whether my buyer is genuine?

A: If you have any concerns please get in touch with us immediately, unfortunately there are some scammers out there so we suggest that you do not give out personal details initially, once the potential buyer seems genuine then you can arrange for the transaction to go ahead. If we become aware of a scammer using our website we will deactivate their account and inform our members. More information can be found on our Safe Selling page.

Here is a reminder of our hints and tips for safe selling:

  • We always recommend using PayPal or a similar service to complete the sale as it protects both parties. 

  • Alarm bells should ring if someone offers higher than the asking price.

  • Go with your gut instinct- if you think that something is not right than they're probably not a genuine buyer.

  • Scam artists often get in touch about high value items such as bows and optics, rather than small value items, so be more cautious when selling expensive items.

Q: I’ve been offered a higher than listed price for my item, should I accept it?

A: Sell My Bow do not advise accepting an offer that is more than your listed price -if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If you are concerned about a buyer please contact us so that we can look into the matter and if fraud is suspected we will suspend their account.

Q: Someone's offered to pay me using Western Union, what should I do?

A: Western Union is not an escrow service and does not offer any type of purchase protection policy; their business is to simply transfer funds from a sender to a receiver. Therefore they recommend anyone using their service to not send money to people they don’t know. Sell My Bow only recommends accepting payments via PayPal or another equally secure payment system, as this offers the best protection for both buyer and seller. Should you wish to use any other payment method, please do so at your own risk.

Q: I have been approached by someone who wants to pay via cheque and they are offering me a higher price than advertised, is this safe?

A: Cheque overpayment fraud is designed to prey upon a seller’s good faith; a scammer will pay you a larger than expected amount by cheque, in some cases, the scammer will claim that the difference between the intended amount and the amount on the cheque is due to customs or other import fees or shipping costs . The scammer then requests that you pay them the excess money back, after you do you’ll discover that the scammer's cheque was fraudulent and you will lose your money, in addition, if you have already sent the item to them you will lose this too.

Cheque fraud works in part because of the delay, sometimes days or weeks, between depositing a cheque and the cheque clearing and being verified as legitimate; so please don’t send an item or hand it over without first receiving cleared funds.

Q: Can I have a refund on my fee if I don’t sell my item?

A: We receive hundreds of visits to our site every day from archers around the world but we cannot guarantee you will sell your item. You are certainly in the best place to sell your archery equipment and your item will receive maximum exposure in the archery community but unfortunately we can’t refund your fee if you don’t sell your item.

Q: My item has not sold; can I re-list it so that it appears at the top of the listings?

A: If after 12 months your items has not sold you’re welcome to list it again; before that point please look at how to boost interest in your item here

Buyer Questions

Q: Do I need to be a member of an archery club or governing body to buy archery equipment?

A: Archery equipment is not licensed in the UK; anyone of any age can buy and own a bow, though it is illegal to sell a crossbow to someone under the age of 18 years; therefore we have made the decision to prohibit the sale of crossbows in this marketplace.

In the UK all forms of bow hunting are illegal and anyone under the age of 18 must be supervised when shooting with a bow; UK archers should refer to Archery GB’s Rules of Shooting for further information

We strongly recommend joining a local club or organisation before purchasing any archery equipment and learning the correct safety protocols and rules before you shoot.

Sell My Bow members outside of the UK should check their national and local laws for any restrictions or permits that may be required before they become active members of this marketplace.

Q: I’m looking for a specific item, how do I find it on the Sell My Bow marketplace?

A: Sell My Bow sorts listings into five main categories, with the option for further sub-categories to better narrow down your search. So if you’re looking for a bow sight simply go to ‘Bow Accessories’ and click on ‘Sights and Accessories’. You can then further narrow down your search by using the filter box. Here you can select your price range, the items location, condition and handedness. You can also select the type of seller you which buy from; individuals, shops or both

If you want to search for a particular manufacturer or product please use the search box at the top of the page, this will bring up all listings which contain your keyword.

Q. I’ve seen an item that I’m interested in but I’m not ready to buy yet, can I save my search so I can find the item quickly again?

A: Yes you can - Sell My Bow allows you to save items you’re interested in to 'My Favourites’ in your member account. These items will appear as long as the listings are active, then once the item is marked as sold it will show as unavailable to buy.

Q: How do I contact a seller about an item I'm interested in?

A: At Sell My Bow we do not sell any archery equipment ourselves, our marketplace is completely determined by the individuals and shops who list their kit for sale, therefore if you see an item you'd like to buy click the 'Contact Seller' button on the listing - ask any questions you have about the item, it's price and any postage or collection options. Your message will be sent through our secure internal messaging service and will go directly to the seller's email account. Any response from the seller will go directly to your registered email address and all subsequent communication between you will take place through your respective email addresses. Once you and the seller have agreed a sale and completed payment you need only await the arrival of your item.

Q: How do I know if a seller has received my enquiry?

A: You can view all the messages you've sent in the messages tab in your profile, Sell My Bow limits buyers to 9 messages a day to prevent spamming.

Your message will go straight to the seller's inbox, replies and all subsequent messages are email conversations independent of the website.

Q: How do I pay for an item?

A: You will need to negotiate price and payment method directly with the seller, Sell My Bow would always recommend that you use Paypal or a similar safe and secure payment system, as it offers buyer protection should something go wrong. But it's entirely between you and the seller how the transaction is completed.

If you have agreed to pay cash and are meeting up in person, make sure you do so in a public place such as at an archery club or at a tournament. If you are not happy with the item you are not obligated to buy it, so if something isn't right do not feel pressured to buy.



Q: Can I choose how I pay for an item?

A: Sell My Bow recommends that all members use PayPal or a similar service to make payments; as it protects both parties just in case something goes wrong. For this reason we don't recommend using Paypal's 'Friends & Family' option as it offers much less protection against possible fraudulent sales. Although ultimately it is between you and the seller how payment is made, if the seller hasn’t stipulated a payment preference please message them with your suggestion, they don’t have to accept it but you can always ask.

Q: I’m in a different country to the seller, can I still buy their item?

A: Sell My Bow is an international marketplace and we encourage our members to trade with the entire archery community. But it is of course ultimately up to the seller whether they are prepared to ship their item internationally. Sellers are encouraged to list their postage preferences, but if you are not sure whether this includes your location please message the seller to ask and if they agree, to calculate any international shipping fees for you.

The UK's departure from the EU has been a costly experience for a lot of buyers, both here and abroad, therefore we do encourage our members to calculate any customs fees their own country may impose before they import expensive archery equipment - nobody wants to receive unexpected charges with their new kit.

Remember you can also use our quick and handy currency converter to convert any international price into your local currency. We use current exchange rates to make pricing items easy and accurate, allowing you to make an informed choice before you buy from the Sell My Bow marketplace.

Q: Will a seller offer me a return or a refund?

A: We don't advise sellers to accept the return of unwanted items; however if necessary you can work out a return process with the seller if they’re happy to offer you the option.

If you do receive an item and it is damaged or not as advertised, you are well within your rights to contact the seller and ask to return the item for a full refund. If you cannot come to an agreement, please get in touch with us here and we will do our best to help.

Q: I've seen an item that may be of interest to someone else, how do I share the listing?

The Sell My Bow marketplace is designed to reach as many archers as possible, so if you see an item worth sharing with someone, simply click on the 'Share' button within the listing to upload the link directly to Facebook and Twitter. You can also click the 'Copy Link' to upload the listing to any other online platform - now everyone can be in the know and share in the great deals listed on the Sell My Bow marketplace.

Q: I’ve seen an advert for archery equipment which I think may be stolen, what should I do?

A: Sell My Bow relies on our community of members to help identify any suspicious items appearing in this marketplace; if you suspect a listed item may be stolen within the UK please report it to us here and inform the police here:

International members should report any criminal activity to their local police authority.

Sell My Bow is proud to support our archery community by offering a free listing page for lost, stolen or found equipment; members can post photos and relevant information to help reunite kit with its owners. So if you’re looking for equipment you’ve lost or you’ve found kit belonging to someone else, post it here so we can let the entire archery community know.

(Anyone found abusing this service by posting items or services for sale will have their membership removed).

Membership Questions

Q: How do I choose a username?

A: Some of our members like their profile to be anonymous; so choose a username unrelated to their identity, others are very active and popular members of the archery community and will happily include their name in their profile to advertise who they are. Your username is entirely your choice, but please make sure it’s not offensive or it will be removed.

Q: How do I change my registered email address?

A: If you need to change your personal information simply go into your account profile and click on ‘My Details’. Here you can update your name, email address, country location and your preferred currency option; please remember to save any changes you make.

Q: I’ve forgotten my password, how do I login to my account?

A: Go to ‘Sign In’ and select ‘Forgotten Your Password?’ then simply enter your email address. You will receive an email with a password re-set link, follow this link to select a new password for your Sell My Bow account.

Q: Do you protect my email address and contact details?

A: Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us; we protect your privacy and will never sell your details to anyone; please see our Privacy Policy for further details.

Q: How do I contact Sell My Bow?

A: Please email us here and we'll do our best to reply to your message within 24 hours, you can also message us through our Facebook or Instagram accounts.

Q: How to I post an item in the lost/ stolen or found listings?

A: If you would like to list lost/ stolen or found archery kit on Sell My Bow, simply click the ‘Report an item’ link on the page or in your member’s portal and fill out the form. Remember to include as much information and as many images as you can - your listing will appear as soon as it has been approved.

Please read the prohibited items list to ensure your listing adheres to Sell My Bow’s rules – items that are not archery related or are prohibited from the site will be rejected from the lost/ stolen or found listings.