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How it works

Individual Membership

Whether you’re looking to buy or want to sell your archery equipment, we are here for you.

Sell My Bow acts as a facilitator between buyer and seller – we do not trade in archery equipment ourselves, so you are in complete control of the final sale price and delivery arrangements.

To sell your kit or to buy an item simply register for a free account; start listing straight away or use Sell My Bow's secure internal messaging system to contact a seller about an item. Sellers personal information and buyer communications are entirely confidential, ensuring the marketplace is completely safe and secure.

Sell My Bow has no joining fees or sales commission, so all the proceeds from the sale are yours.

All standard listings are £1 each and will remain active for 12 months or until your item is sold (whichever is soonest).

If you have more than one identical item to sell (such as weights) why not make a saving on listing fees by using our half price Multi-listing option - each additional item is only 50p and you can sell up to 10 identical items in one listing.

Featured listings are £3 and will guarantee your item will feature on our homepage and appear at the top of search results.

Shop Membership

Shops are welcome on Sell My Bow.

It’s not just archers that own second hand equipment; archery shops often find themselves with used items and old stock they would like to sell. Sell My Bow is the perfect place for shops to offer these bits of kit to the entire archery community.

Just like individual members, shops must not list brand new, full price equipment for sale on Sell My Bow, instead they can list; second hand, ex demo, shop soiled, seconds or end of line equipment. 

To register as a shop you must be a genuine archery retailer with a website and/ or a physical shop presence. Shop listings are identified with a ‘verified shop’ label.

At Sell My Bow we offer two tiers of shop membership – standard or annual membership.

Standard shop membership works in the same way as individual membership; you simply pay £1 per listing – the economical option for shops that have only a few items to sell.

Annual membership on the other hand allows you to list as many items as you want for an upfront fee of £250 for 12 months membership- perfect if you need to shift a lot of stock.

If you would like to register for shop membership on Sell My Bow, simply create an account then choose the ‘register as a shop’ option. You will be asked to provide details of your business and membership preferences; once your account has been validated we will activate your membership – this ensures your shop identity is secure and authentic. If you have multiple shops, all trading under the same name, you do not need to create separate membership accounts for each one, unless you would like to identify each branch individually.

We look forward to launching your shop in the Sell My Bow marketplace.