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Hoyt XT200O supertec

It’s an older Hoyt.. still a Great Bow, as Hoyts are , it’s ready to shoot as is..up too  70lb draw 27-30 draw whisker  rest, cables are good, Cam is fine it’s 1.5 Cam system, 316-320 fps..true glo 5 pin sight  silencers, limb savers, set up for a release .. I got a 1/2 dozen good arrows and broadheads for hunting or target , Plano new hardcase. throw in a new basic release ALLEN) and a shooting block .. package deal .. I have a couple  too many and getting dust on ..I’m a die hard Archery guy for 40 years.. and a USMC Veteran. I wouldn’t sell junk nor own it when it comes to my weapons for Hunting, survival or leisure target.. got a Summit Viper Climbing treestand also with a vest harness Hunters System 300lb max harness vest .treestand  was used 2 seasons, perfect condition 150.00                             I will do the whole set up , Bow, all accessories arrows, release and a blackout shooting block Safety Harness Vest and Viper Treestand (climber) for $500.00. If interested better call (973) 876-9294    MAGA??

Price: $375.00 O.N.O.


Condition: Used

Number available: 1



United States