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Complete Recurve Kit

Complete recurve archery kit suitable for beginner/intermediate.

Only used a couple of times.

Gillo 25" Gold Medal Riser Rh Black G2k

Everly Limbs 68" 24lb

Hoyt Super Pro Best Rest Rh

Longshot Webbed Bowstringer

Avalon Classic Tab Rh Medium

Easton Platinum Plus Shaft 1816

One Piece Point 1816

G Nock 1/4 Small Black .88

Assembly/Fletching Per 8 With Zf50 Vanes

Legend Archery Backpack Xt-720 Black

Legend Target Quiver Xt-320 Rh Black

Ezy Bow Stand

Leather Target Bracer Black (3 Strap)

Dual Click Standard Sight Rh Black

Supra Bowstring 8125 64.5" 18st For 68"

Dx Plunger Button 5/16 Black

Ultima Recurve Arrow Rest Black

Cartel Maxion Stabiliser - 30" Black Long Rod

Cartel Maxion Stabiliser - 12" Black Short Rod

Cartel Maxion V-Bar  Black


Collection only.

Price: £600.00£550.00 O.N.O.

Condition: Used

Number available: 1



United Kingdom