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Bearpaw Slickstick Flatbow Bundle

This Bearpaw slicstick bow was purchased in 2019 at Merlin Archery In Loughborough shortly before the pandemic so was used only a handful of times before lockdown put a stop to going to the local archery club. After lockdown the club had been disbanded and I never found another locally so it’s time someone else gave this bow and it’s accessories some loving use and as such I am selling everything archery I own as a complete bundle, so please don’t ask me to break everything up and sell separately.

The breakdown of everything included is as below.

Bearpaw Slickstick Flatbow Right Handed 20#^
Bearpaw Deluxe Bowsleeve - Longbow-Short.

Bearpaw Raven Black Quiver- Right Handed.

Bearpaw Penthalon Arrows - Carbon Fibre Timber Finish x 12 including Bearpaw Slimline Nock, Bearpaw Break Off Points 1000-1600, finished with Feather Fletches.

Mybow Semi Rigid Arrow Case Holds 12 Arrows.

WNS S-AT Chrome Bow Stand

Neet American Flat Bow Stringer

Avalon Range Quivers x 2

Leather Laced Armguard

Leather Three Finger Draw Glove

Collection only due to courier restrictions & costs to send extra long items.

My location is Near Norwich.




Price: £300.00

Condition: Used

Number available: 1



United Kingdom