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Win & Win Wiawis TFT-G Recurve Riser - RH

The Win & Win WIAWIS Nano TFT-G Recurve Riser is precision made using Win & Win’s advanced manufacturing technology and decades of experience. The riser uses state of the art nanographene which has superior strength and a wide surface area.

The Nano TFT-G also offers advanced shock absorption and vibration dampening, all of this provides a smooth shooting performance. The riser has been optimised to massively reduce torque whilst shooting.

The TFT-G riser uses nanographene prepreg, this material has high stiffness and durability which improves the overall balance of the riser. On the shooting line, this means you should see improved grouping, the bow torque is less than half of what you can expect from an aluminium riser.

The riser has a graphene damper which has been developed exclusively by Win & Win, it is made of nano-graphene prepreg which has been dispersed in high molecular epoxy which helps significantly reduce the vibration which leads to a much more stable shot.



Masking tape used when bolting on furniture so no marks visible.

Used twice, decided to stay with compound - absolute bargain!

Matching NS-G Limbs and ACS15 Stabilisers also listed.

P&P to be discussed.

Price: £625.00 O.N.O.

Condition: Used

Number available: 1



United Kingdom