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Sauk Trail Custom Seneca Hybrid 60” 46#@28”

Sauk Trail Seneca Custom T/D. 60” 46#@28”

mint condition! 

This beautiful bow was custom specked and built for me by Mike Robert’s at Sauk Trail in the US. Made with stunning choices of woods and always commands attention at the range. 

The bow has a rock steady weighted grip and the limbs are fast and furious. Its tillered for split but I shoot it three under where it feels more comfortable and more accurate for my form. However, this bow is equally as good shooting split. 

Shoots true and fast even with heavy arrows and heavy points  

I love this bow but it stacks at my 30” draw. It’s smooth and gradual up yo 29.5”  I certainly wouldn’t be selling if it didn’t stack  

To replace this bow from Sauk Trail it would cost around £1800 with shipping, taxes and customs and about a 12 month build slot. So a bargain for anyone wanting a true American custom performance hunting or 3D bow.

Reduced price £495 plus shipping. 

Price: £695.00£495.00

Condition: Used

Number available: 1



United Kingdom