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Mathews TRX38 LH

Left-handed Mathews TRX38 60# in excellent condition. More photos are available on request.
New strings in 2022 which are very lightly used. Comes with CCT C (29") and CCT D (28.5") modules in both 70% let-off (V module) and 80% modules and currently fitted with 70% CCT D at 28.5" DL. You do not need a bow-press to change the modules (draw-length and let-off) on this bow - they can be changed with just a hex-key.
Also comes with a Shrewd Precision Grip, and dampers in Orange and in black, plus the custom TRX bow stand.
£550 - UK only - Buyer pays postage.

Price: £550.00

Condition: Used

Number available: 1



United Kingdom