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Bow Accessories

Easton Z flex (30" and 12") and 25oz of weight!

Hey there,


These are my spare bows Easton Z Flex. They have been barely shot over the years and have one mark on the long rod which is from me hitting a door accidentally... (please see pictures) this is purely cosmetic and does not effect to rod - its a scratch of the paint. 


They come with 25 oz of weight and are perfect for a compound or recurve looking for a stiff rod. I have won international/national medals with this brand of stabilizerr and so they defo work!


If you were to buy all of this new it would cost you £420 and so this is a bargain and a half! 


I can ship these out for a higher cost but I am at a variety of compeititons over the next two months so can bring to National tour or other WA720s around the country!


Look forward to hearing from you :)

Price: £200.00£150.00 O.N.O.

Condition: Used

Number available: 1

Compound, Recurve


United Kingdom