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Complete Recurve Bow Left Hand Package

Original price was $1,500. Selling for $850 or nearest offer. All items are in excellent condition. I'm the original owner and used these only a few times.  Injury prevents further use, sadly.

The Complete Recurve Bow Left Hand Package include:

1 x Hoyt Horizon recurve riser 25"

2 x Fantom Cartel bow limbs

1 x Bow stabilizer 24”

1 x Bowstring

1 x Recurve bow stringer

1 x Midas Recurve Backpack with Arrow Tube

1 x Bow stand

1 x Shibuya bow accessories kit

11 Arrows

1 x Cartel Arrow belt  

Hoyt Formula series riser allows for a more open and unobstructed sight picture. The Horizon is ILF (International Limb Fitting) compatible so you can use any ILF limbs on it. It is comfortable and good in hand, the simplicity and design of the riser will fit anyone’s goals and growth. 

I'll be happy to show everything on a video call. Thanks for your interest!


Price: $850.00 O.N.O.


Condition: Used

Number available: 1



United States