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Beginner's Recurve Set

Hello! I'm looking to sell my bow and its accessories in a bundle deal!

  • Nothing wrong with the equipment as far as I can tell. Simply shifted my interests a few years ago, so I don't shoot much anymore. I figured this setup would be better off with someone who could use it more!
  • I've had this bow since 2010. It was my first bow, and for a few years it was a great setup to practice with! Since 2013, I have gone shooting with it only a few times, and it has worked well. I'm not sure how long bow strings last, but I've had it since 2010 so please do with that what you will.

The bundle includes...

  • 1 recurve riser
  • A pair of limbs (18 and 20 pounds of draw weight) and the appropriate connector bolts
  • 1 bow string (might need replacement)
  • 1 sight with the appropriate mounting hardware
  • 2 finger gloves and 1 finger tab
  • 2 arm guards, one of which is homemade from leather (:
  • 1 quiver that can be attached to a belt
  • 1 arrow storage tube
  • A mix of 27 arrows
  • 1 archery storage bag (In good condition, but the foam inserts have come undone from the walls of the bag so the foam fits kinda loose)

Price: $100.00$75.00


Condition: Used

Number available: 1



United States